Cross-Border Trade is On a Roll


July 13, 2016 Tags: Ocean, Trucking, Legislation, Public Policy, and Regulations, Ports, Cross-border Trade, Canada, Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain U.S.-Canada trade will continue to be a mutually beneficial partnership, as long as shippers keep their eye on the ball. When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with President Barack Obama […]

The Role of Relationships in Automated Brokerage


September 20, 2016 | By Brian Easton Tags: Trucking, Transportation, Logistics, Technology , Supply Chain Q: Recently we have seen an emphasis on technological tools working towards an “Uber for trucking” model. Is this achievable in the brokerage industry? A: To answer this question, let’s first clarify the analogy itself—Uber […]

Trucking Relationships: In It for the Long Haul


January 31, 2021 | By Merrill Douglas Tags: Trucking, Partnership, Transportation Supply chain disruption is testing relationships between shippers and their core trucking carriers. Here’s what transportation partners are doing to preserve their ties—today and for the future—in challenging times. From children who couldn’t play with friends to adults who […]

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