Ford F-150 Lobo and Maverick Lobo name trademarked



Ford has applied for trademarks on the F-150 Lobo and Maverick Lobo names, hinting at possible new variants of the two pickup trucks.

Both trademark applications were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) August 14 covering “motor vehicles, namely gasoline and electric automobiles, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, and their structural parts.”

2023 Ford Maverick

2023 Ford Maverick

“Lobo” is Spanish for “wolf,” so the Lobo models would expand a menagerie of pickup variants that already includes the F-150 Rattler and Raptor off-road models. Ford’s lineup is pretty well stocked with off-road trucks at the moment, including not only the Rattler and Raptor, but also Tremor versions of both the F-150 and Maverick.

The trademark applications mention “gasoline and electric automobiles,” but there is no electric Maverick as of yet. Ford is working on a performance version of the F-150 Lightning, but has already filed a trademark application for the F-150 Flash name, which seems like a more probable candidate.

2023 Ford F-150 with FP700 performance package

2023 Ford F-150 with FP700 performance package

That leaves an internal-combustion performance model as a possibility. This would fill a gap in the Maverick lineup, and would give the F-150 lineup something it hasn’t had since the original, gasoline-powered Lightning went out of production. Ford recently introduced a supercharger option for the F-150, but as a dealer-installed performance package, not as part of a distinct model.

A refreshed F-150 is slated to debut at the 2023 Detroit auto show in September, updating the current generation that debuted for the 2021 model year. Expected to debut as a 2024 model, spy shots point to new designs for the lights at both ends, possibly a multifunction tailgate, and a revised dash with a portrait-oriented touchscreen. If a Lobo variant isn’t part of this refresh, it could appear with the next-generation F-150 expected in 2027.


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