Good News From the Government! (Yes, You Read That Right)


[ad_1] September 14, 2018 | By Noel Perry Tags: Trucking, Logistics, Supply Chain In its second estimate of Q2 2018 Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the U.S. Census Bureau quoted growth at 4.2 percent, the best quarterly figure since Q3 2014. That comparison is important because 2014 was also the last […]

How to Become a Shipper of Choice


[ad_1] November 13, 2018 | By Rachal Snider Tags: Trucking, Transportation, Logistics, Logistics Solutions Providers As shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers prepare for a busy Q4 2018, here are some ideas for easing the capacity crunch, controlling costs, and becoming a “shipper of choice.” Carriers in the driver’s seat. […]

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