Tesla Cybertruck beta spotted, Musk claims near-production design



The Tesla Cybertruck is inching closer to production, according to Elon Musk.

On Wednesday, a Tesla Cybertruck was spotted roaming public streets. Instagram user ftronz posted a video and a photo of the truck on Instagram.

Musk has confirmed the production truck will be slightly smaller in size than the concept shown in 2019, and this early-build prototype appears to be in line with that comment.

Aside from minor design tweaks to meet federal regulations, such as sideview mirrors, the truck spotted on public roads features a design nearly identical to that of the concept.

The video was reposted to Twitter user DriveTeslaca and Musk responded noting there’s “many small tweaks to make it better” yet to come while confirming the side mirrors are removable should an owner chose to do so—presumably for off-roading. The executive confirmed the prototype is very close to the production design.

Notably, a third-brake light, which is a federally mandated feature, seems to be absent on this prototype. It’s possible this prototype is simply missing the full-width light bar or it’s disabled.

Production of the Cybertruck was initially set to take place in late 2021. Delays have put production behind schedule. In 2022 Musk said the Cybertruck would start production in 2023. In January during a quarterly update call with investors Musk said the Cybertruck won’t be delivered in any significant numbers this year with a production ramp to take place in 2024.

During the call with Investors Musk revealed the Cybertruck will feature Tesla’s next-generation Hardware 4 set for safety and assisted-driving features. It’s unclear if the range-topping Cybertruck will still feature four motors and four-wheel steering.


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