EV targeting 300 miles of range, comfortable rear seat



Lamborghini’s first electric car is still years away from production, but one company executive was willing to provide new details about the EV.

On Tuesday, ahead of the 2023 New York auto show, Lamborghini Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Federico Foschini told Motor Authority the automaker’s upcoming EV will have at least 300 miles of range and a “comfortable” rear seat.

Earlier in the week Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelman confirmed the first Lamborghini electric car will be a 2+2 Grand Tourer, but the executive stopped short of saying much more.

Foschini said the minimum EV driving range target today seems to be just over 300 miles. “This is what you need because it’s a full electric vehicle,” the executive said. “You have no alternative range.” Foschini noted customers need peace of mind that they’ll have enough range for long-distance travel.

The CMO also noted the range number will depend on the mode you’re driving in.

The lack of access to charging infrastructure and fast-charging speeds concern Lamborghini’s executive team so much that they feel they’ll benefit by waiting for other companies to tackle these issues. That’s one reason the car is five years away from production.

Foschini also said the electric grand tourer will be a practical car. He said that after a customer buys a supercar, like the Revuelto plug-in hybrid, they will look for a vehicle that is more usable. That’s where the electric GT will come into the picture.

The rear seat will not be as roomy as the front seat, Foschini said, but it will be comfortable and capable of accommodating an adult male (likely two) and not just kids. That’s yet to be seen as most 2+2s have rather impractical rear seats. Examples include the Porsche 911 and Toyota GR86.

The front seating position will be similar to that of other Lamborghinis and will feel familiar to buyers with less practical vehicles from the automaker, according to Foschini. The “driving feel” will be similar to other Lamborghinis, too, but Foschini wouldn’t elaborate on how or what Lamborghini will do to replicate that feeling provided by the automaker’s lineup of vehicles powered by V-8, V-10, and V-12 engines.


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