$249K Rezvani Vengeance hauls VIPs in bullet-resistant luxury



Rezvani recently took the wraps off the Vengeance, a bullet-resistant eight-seat SUV.

It may look it rolled straight off the set of a “Robocop” movie, but the company’s third SUV, the Vengeance, is clearly based on the Cadillac Escalade. Interior photos show a dashboard unchanged from the General Motors full-size SUV, complete with the Escalade’s 38-inch curved OLED screen. Rezvani upgrades the Escalade’s leather for the Vengeance.

Rezvani Vengeance

Rezvani Vengeance

For $249,000, the Vengeance comes with a futuristic body made from fiberglass and built from a design by noted video game designer Milen Ivanov. It has functional air vents, a “REZVANI” logo laser-etched into rear, and steel bumpers that can act as battering rams. It rides on 35-inch off-road tires mounted on flat-steel plate 22-inch wheels.

The real draw, however is the optional $95,000 Military Package that adds bullet-resistant glass and body armor, underbody explosive protection, and military-grade run-flat tires, plus a reinforced suspension to deal with the extra weight of the armor. Rezvani previously offered a military-look version of its Tank SUV without armor, but this time it claims to be offering actual protection against gunfire.

The Military Package also includes thermal night vision, electromagnetic pulse protection, a smoke-screen generator, continuous video recording, electrified door handles, an intercom system, a complement of bulletproof vests and gas masks, strobe lights, magnetic dead bolts, a pepper spray dispenser, and first aid and hypothermia kits. A built-in battery pack and solar panels are also available for $2,500, providing more than 1,000 watts of off-grid power, and a tire inflation/deflation kit runs another $3,500.

Rezvani Vengeance

Rezvani Vengeance

The powertrain is standard Cadillac fare. Buyers can get a 6.2-liter V-8 that makes 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque or a 3.0-liter turbodiesel-6 with 277 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. Both are hooked to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Rear-wheel drive is standard and four-wheel drive is optional.

At $249,000, the Vengeance is far more luxurious than the $175,000 Rezvani Tank, which is based on the Jeep Wrangler and can only seat five.

Despite its focus on SUVs—and a six-wheeled pickup truck—Rezvani hasn’t forgotten its sports car roots. The company announced in May that it will launch a new version of its original Beast sports car boasting up to 1,000 hp.


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