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Niagara Bottling sought absolute transparency and compliance in procurement. It found a solution to market volatility with Edge Logistics, which accomplished top carrier milestones.

The Challenge

Volatility plagues all industries, especially the trucking industry, and slight failures amount to big problems. Those issues are inherent in any company but especially for shippers with finite, absolute requirements for pickup and delivery, like Niagara Bottling. Missed pick-ups or deliveries at Niagara Bottling result in immediate chargebacks, up to 4%, plus any downstream damages or issues caused by delays.

Edge Logistics can deliver on those needs and promises with the CAPACITY app and top-notch service.

The Solution

Using the CAPACITY app, Edge Logistics has successfully delivered loads of raw materials like bottle caps, preforms, resins, labels, and shrink films to Niagara Bottling. Edge Logistics also used real-time monitoring to meet Niagara GPS tracking requirements. Paired with first-rate service at all legs of transport, Edge has accomplished top Niagara Bottling carrier milestones:

  • Offering 24-hour bilingual support across a larger carrier network.
  • Ensuring 100% invoicing compliance.
  • Accepting and confirming tenders within 90 minutes of posting.
  • Accepting 99% of all Niagara Bottling tenders posted.
  • Maintaining 98%+ on-time pickup and delivery rates, 8% above Niagara’s 90% minimum.

Will Kerr, CEO and founder of Edge Logistics, wrapped up the accomplishments, saying, “Niagara Bottling is only one example of how Edge Logistics helps drivers and shippers come together to move more freight. We make promises to stay frictionless, to participate, to bring more market options, and to perform. We pick up and deliver it on time. We stay focused on fulfilling those promises to build a better network of the future.”

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