3PL Leverages LoadDex to Win More Loads and Grow Its Business



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LoadDex from Logistical Labs lets Sunset Transportation take a strategic focus when making pricing decisions, improving customer opportunities and fueling year-over-year growth.

The Challenge

Sunset Transportation was looking for a solution to enhance its quoting performance and efficiency. The third-party logistics company used a variety of rating techniques that included outdated and broad information coming from several different sources.

The quoting process was time-consuming and pricing decisions involved a fair amount of guesswork. With speed and accuracy of the utmost importance, Sunset Transportation needed a better way to quote and win more loads.

The Solution

Sunset Transportation turned to LoadDex to solve its pricing challenges. LoadDex provides users with accurate truckload rates in seconds by aggregating all market sources, historical rates, contract rates, and social data into a single platform. The platform also allows users to create their own pricing algorithm to further eliminate guesswork. LoadDex’s easy-to-use, intuitive interface empowers users to ramp up and succeed quickly with little training.

Sunset Transportation took a two-pronged approach when deploying LoadDex. The first was leveraging the platform to manage user-level quoting, which enabled managers to analyze quote performance by person and by region. From there, they could standardize quoting metrics and enforce better margin strategies internally.

The second was using LoadDex to improve customer relations. They could monitor customer spot quote performance, convert consistent spot-quote lanes to contracted business, and establish trend lines that showed which lanes were worthwhile to continue quoting.

Through LoadDex, Sunset Transportation identified its weak spots and tweaked margin percentages based on where it had the biggest success rate—ultimately leading to a doubled win percentage in one year. By using LoadDex’s pricing intelligence and with the ability to adjust rates through adaptable truckload rulesets, Sunset Transportation’s reps felt more confident when quoting.


  • Doubled win percentage in one year from 20-25% to 40-50%
  • Improved spot quote performance
  • Improved margin per load
  • Improved ability to determine good vs. bad customer opportunities

LoadDex ultimately allows Sunset Transportation to take a strategic focus when making pricing decisions, leading to better customer opportunities and year-over-year growth.

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To learn more:

email: info@logisticallabs.com


web: logisticallabs.com


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